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Arthrex FiberTak Surgery Animation Video

Ankle surgery can significantly cut down on pain and improve function in patients with various conditions or injuries. In this video, I will be describing the Arthrex FiberTak Surgery Procedure.

Video Transcription:

In this video, we will be describing the Modified Brostrom InternalBrace repair procedure. The typical Modified Brostrom procedure is performed by incising the scar tissue of the anterior talofibular ligament. We then use the FiberTak suture anchor to put in our suture anchor. We place one above and below where we will be placing the internal brace. As we advance the suture anchor, we unload the backside and create axial traction. If you pay attention to the tip of the suture anchor, as you pull back, the suture anchor creates a slightly bigger knot, preventing it from pulling out.

This is repeated superior to where we will be placing our InternalBrace.

The good thing about the FiberTak suture anchor is that it is an anchorless system, which creates a smaller hole into the bone. This results in less post-operative pain.

After this, we proceed to place the InternalBrace. I like to compare the InternalBrace to a seatbelt in that it allows motion but prevents motion beyond a certain physiological point. This allows for better rehabilitation after surgery.