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Introducing : Orthopedic Surgeon Paul H. Kim, M.D.

Arthrex MIS Bunion Animation Video

Arthrex FiberTak Surgery Animation Video

Arthrex Midsubstance Achilles Repair Surgery Animation Video

MIS Bunion Correction

Neuroma - Foot Pain

PRP for tendinitis after MIS Bunion & foot fracture fixation

Dr.Paul Kim discusses diagnosis and operative and nonoperative treatment options for Achilles tendon ruptures.

Dr.Kim reviews his approach for chronic ankle instability via using Arthrex internal brace.

Ganglion Surgery!

Total Ankle Replacement

Dr.Kim and his wife (Linda) trek up Mt.Kilimanjaro! Once in a lifetime experience!

Heel Pain! Quick Overview

Nanoneedle used in Ankle Fracture Surgery.

Chronic Ankle Instability - fixed with internal brace!

Bunion - Minimally Invasive Surgery

Trimalleolar ankle fracture dislocation fixed using minimally invasive surgery technique & implants!

Total Ankle Replacement story

Minimally Invasive Bunion course teaching

Surgery Day for Dr.Kim!

Failed Bunion FIXED with MIS

PRP to treat Achilles Rupture

Ankle fusion nonunion converted to total ankle replacement, 4 months out is doing 100% better

Hallux Rigidus - Big Toe Fusion

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery - In Operating Room!

James doing great after 3 months from fixing his trimalleolar ankle fracture dislocation

Failed Bunion

Removing wires from a foot 4 weeks after Clayton Hoffman procedure

Repaired Achilles Rupture 6 weeks out!

Olivia walking at 2 weeks from ankle stabilization surgery!

Ankle Conditions and Treatments Webinar